Critical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Critical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Literary Reference to His Life And Work

2007 | 480 Pages | ISBN: 0816064334 | PDF | 5 MB

Known for his masterwork, ”The Great Gatsby” and its criticism of American society during the 1920s, F. Scott Fitzgerald claimed the distinction of writing what many consider to be the ”great American novel.” ”Critical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald” studies the legacy of this writer, highlighting significant themes and historical references of his various works. This revised, reorganized, and fully updated revision of ”F. Scott Fitzgerald A to Z” contains extensive updates, including new critical commentary on all Fitzgerald’s major novels and short stories. This accessible volume is illustrated with first edition dust jackets, portraits of Fitzgerald throughout his life, and pictures of friends, relatives, and contemporaries. Coverage includes: a biography detailing Fitzgerald’s life; detailed synopses of all Fitzgerald’s major and many minor works; descriptions of major characters; discussions of important people in Fitzgerald’s life, including family and friends; and helpful bibliographies and a chronology of Fitzgerald’s life.


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