Critical Black Futures: Speculative Theories and Explorations

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Critical Black Futures: Speculative Theories and Explorations

English | EPUB | 2021 | 235 Pages | ISBN : 9811578796 | 7.2 MB

Critical Black Futures imagines worlds, afrofutures, cities, bodies, art and eras that are simultaneously distant, parallel, present, counter, and perpetually materializing. From an exploration of W. E. B. Du Bois’ own afrofuturistic short stories, to trans* super fluid blackness, this volume challenges readers-community leaders, academics, communities, and creatives-to push further into surreal imaginations.
Beyond what some might question as the absurd, this book is presented as a speculative space that looks deeply into the foundations of human belief. Diving deep into this notional rabbit hole, each contributor offers a thorough excursion into the imagination to discover ‘what was’, while also providing tools to push further into the ‘not yet’.


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