Conversation Casanova Mastery 2.0

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Conversation Casanova Mastery 2.0

English | February 2, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08VM1KN7V | 339 Pages | EPUB | 3.08 MB

You see a beautiful woman standing only a few feet away. She’s HOT, and you know that you want to BANG HER. You want to do something to start a sexual relationship with her, but yet you don’t even know what to say to start things off.You try to find some words to utter to start a conversation, and spark chemistry through flirting, but your brain freezes.Not a word comes out.Anxiety accumulates and you eventually give into one of these excuses:”A cute girl like that has a boyfriend 100%.””If I try to talk to her, it will be awkward and cringe because I suck at conversation.””Iwon’t know what to say, and will look like an idiot in-front of bystanders.”How many more times are you you going to put yourself through this painful situation of seeing a sexy, young woman but being PARALYZED FROM TAKING ACTION because you can’t think of a few words to say to initiate interaction?This book, based on thousands of approaches and interactions with women and over a decade of research, is: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO ALWAYS KNOWING WHAT TO SAY, and BEING ABLE TO APPROACH WOMEN ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE.Learn POWERFUL SECRETS contained within this book, including:how to terminate excuses forever and approach women,6 reasons why you don’t know what to say infront of women,6 affirmations to never run out of things to say,6 mindsets to always have something to say,5 specific exercises you can do to sharpen your conversation skills,6 chick crack conversation subjects,3 good opening lines4 examples of cold reads5 pillars of game7 ways to instantly appear more confident,5 tactics to instantly create social proof,13 items on the body-language checklist4 mistakes that nice guys make14 common conversation mistakes and sins

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