Controversies in Laparoscopic Surgery

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Controversies in Laparoscopic Surgery

English | ISBN: 3540229523 | 2006 | 444 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

There are numerous textbooks detailing almost every aspect of the different laparoscopic procedures. However, in this era of evidence-based medicine, a text focusing on the controversies – from the laparoscopic as well as the general surgeon`s point of view – is missing.
This book is not intended to be yet another textbook of laparoscopy; instead, its main purpose is to address unsettled issues of controversy. This will significantly enhance evidence-based knowledge of this developing field, stimulate thinking and discussions in rounds and meetings, assist surgeons in their decision making and stimulate further research.
This book is not aimed only at laparoscopic surgeons – with their steadily increasing number – but also at general surgeons and surgical trainees. It will define and sharpen points of controversy by internationally recognized authors, and thus provide `state of the art` quality to each topic.


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