Contemporary Indian English Poetry and Drama

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Contemporary Indian English Poetry and Drama

English | ISBN: 1527533220 | 2019 | 255 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

This anthology of essays maps the divergent issues that have become relevant in contemporary Indian English poetry and drama. By providing a clear idea about the new themes, techniques and methods used by the Indian English poets and playwrights to address the issues emerging in the changing socio-cultural scenario, particularly during the post-globalization period, the essays offer insightful observations on canon formation and its reception. It is high time to consider afresh whether the canons of Indian English poetry and drama have widened their scope to include innovative forms of writing or whether they have evolved significantly to generate novel perspectives. These questions, which are linked with the issue of canon formation and its reception are intricately woven into the fabric of these essays. This anthology will respond to the scholarly interests of inquisitive students, research scholars and academics in the field of Indian English literature.


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