Computer Programming JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL, CSS

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Computer Programming JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL, CSS: The step by step guide for beginners

English | 2019 | ISBN-13 : 978-1077683402 | 100 Pages | PDF | 2.29 MB

This book Is great for those just starting out in programming. and for those needing more advanced coding Knowledge .The author explains everything step by step in a simple and easy to understand way. This book covers JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS, AND Python programming languages. The narrator in the audio book version seems to be pretty good. he doesn’t drone on . This book is a combination or bundle of 2 book. One book is 27000 words on just python, and the other book is 27000 words on JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS . The related audio book is 10 hours and 6 minutes. This book is good in paperback and a great addition to your library or coffee table. this book contains pictures and illustration. below will be some more details about the books. In The Ultimate Python Programming Guide for Beginners you will learn all the essential tools to become proficient in the python programming language. Learn how to install python in all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. You will be guided step by step from downloading the necessary files to making adjustments in the installation for your particular operating system. Learn the command line shell, and how to use it to run python in interactive and script modes.Discover how the python interpreter functions, and learn how to use the interactive command line shell through practical examples you can try on your own. Learn datatypes and variables in depth, with example code and discussion of the generated output.Numbers are covered in detail, including a discussion of the 4 number types in python: integer, float, complex, and boolean. Learn about Truthy and Falsy returns and how they relate to the boolean type. Practice with some of the many built-in python math functions, and discover the difference between format() and round() functions.Strings are one of the most important variables in any programming language. Learn in-depth how to explore, search, and even manipulate strings in python. Practice with python’s built-in string methods.Learn about python’s control structures and how to use boolean logic to achieve your software requirements.DescriptionInside, you will find an introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. These are computer programming languages. Some of them are more precisely referred to as scripting languages.Starting with JavaScript, I will introduce you to the above-mentioned programming languages. Hopefully, by the end of this book, you will have the answers to the questions of what it is and what you can do with it.JavaScript is a programming language that allows for the implementation of complex items on static web pages. Every time you look at a web page that does something besides display static information, it is a pretty safe assumption to make that JavaScript is involved. It is often referred to as the third layer of the cake.

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