Cloud Native Applications with Jakarta EE

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Cloud Native Applications with Jakarta EE

English | April 24th, 2021 | ISBN: 9390684897 | 232 Pages | True EPUB | 2.65 MB

The book helps readers to get a basic understanding of featuresprovided by the cloud and core concepts of cloud native development. A hands-on approach makes sure that after reading the book, one can straight away implement the concepts in their daily design and development activities.

The book starts with the basics of cloud computing and moves on to understanding the core concepts to create a production-ready cloud-native application. The book helps readers to develop a code that is testable and maintainable to support Agile cloud native development. This book also talks about the security and scalability aspects of applications which are the backbone of any large-scale application. The book covers advanced cloud native application development approaches using containers and serverless approaches.

The book will help readers to get ready for a cloud native development journey. Whether one is creating a small application or a large scale application, core concepts explained in this book remain relevant and will work as a guiding light for developers and architects.


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