Chess for Kids: Guide To Playing Chess for Kids: Game Book for Kids

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Chess for Kids: Guide To Playing Chess for Kids: Game Book for Kids

English | May 8, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0948GRVZQ | 66 Pages | EPUB | 5.42 MB

Can one teach a child to play chess while they’re still in diapers? Is chess useful in any way for those who haven’t even had their first day at school?
In Amazing Chess for Children, we want to get to the bottom of the question of whether chess for kids is useful and valuable. It is well-known that young children have a huge capacity for learning! In their first years of life, toddlers acquire many various skills and abilities. They are able to learn multiple languages as well as various physical competences like walking, jumping, climbing and a lot more. In addition, every child loves playing games. They start playing simple board games from a very young age. So why should chess for kids be any different?
Children can learn chess very early, some even as early as two years old! The key is to teach them in a child-oriented way, instead of relying on standard methods for adult learners or for school children.
Chess for kids should not be seen as a myth invented by parents, but a great chance to develop children in a social, as well as academic, way while having a lot of fun together!

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