Chess A Beginner’s Guide

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Chess A Beginner's Guide

English | April 29, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B093RKFS7R | 270 Pages | EPUB | 7.05 MB

Flex your mental-muscles in this Chess multigym – endorsed by International Chess Master Richard Palliser

This comprehensive 270 page end-to-end guide is all you need; from covering the basics up to solid club-player-standard strategy and tactics.

If you’re wanting to learn how to play chess and looking for the ideal ‘Chess for Beginners book’, then look no further for with this chess book you’ve just hit the jackpot!

? Your Expert Chess Guide
Written by an experienced chess coach, and endorsed by an International Chess Master no less, 8 chapters form 8 easy chess lessons to transform you from chess amateur at page 1 to feeling like a chess professional by the end.

? The Style

Written in an entertaining style and with over 150 clear, illustrative diagrams, it makes chess training fun! You’ll be learning chess the easy way, brought to life with animated and lively commentary to develop your understanding of effective battle tactics and chess strategy. It’s your first step from chess beginner to dangerous player.

? What to Expect
Chapter 1 – The Rules of the Game – shows you how the pieces move and explains the basic rules, so that by the end of the first chapter you will be able to play chess.Chapter 2 – Beyond the Moves – takes you through various ways of winning or drawing, explains how to write down chess moves so as to preserve your games, and gives some useful advice on chess etiquette when playing.Chapter 3 – Ten Chess Tactics – teaches you some very effective tactics which will improve your play and help you win games (Pins, Forks, Skewers, Decoys, Double Attack, Discovered Check, Double Check, Removing the Guard, Overloading and Deflections)Chapter 4 – The Opening – explains the three things you need to aim for in The Opening (King Safety, Quick Development and Central Control). Plus 20 sample Openings.Chapter 5 – The Middlegame – shows you how to gain an advantage in the chess middlegame with strategic thinking. For example, techniques to not only exploit enemy weaknesses, but also to strengthen your own position.Chapter 6 – The Endgame – covers what you need to know in order to handle the last stage – The Chess Endgame. Incorporating the 2 main strategies of using your King as a fighting piece and promoting Pawns.Chapter 7 – Seven Games to Enjoy – see chess theory in practice by getting into the mind of the author while he takes you through the delight and the despair of example real competitive matches, with move-by-move chess analysis.Chapter 8 – What’s Next? – contains information about chess online, joining a chess club, and some recommended books for further study.

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