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English | May 11, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B094L7DHXX | 216 Pages | EPUB | 3.40 MB

Are you looking for easy-to-follow and hands-on information to finally understand chess rules?

Are you struggling to get your head around all the different chess openings?
Are you looking forward to winning your first game, but you really don’t know where to start when you are sitting in front of the chessboard?
Then this bundle is just what you need. With 2 books in 1 at a very special price, you finally have ALL the answers to your chess questions at reach.

Inside Chess for Beginners, you will:

ô Find everything you need to know about rules and terminologies to make you understand the basics in the easiest way ever.
¡ô Learn the best strategies and fundamental tips for mastering the three stages of the game and leave your opponent speechless.
¡ô Discover an accurate selection of the best chess openings for both White and Black.
¡ô Understand all the dos and don’ts of the Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame stages.
¡ô Find graphics and images to help you easily visualize and comprehend moves and tactics.

Inside Chess Openings for Beginners, you will:

¡ô Understand the logic behind the openings moves to realize how your choices affect the outcome of the game.
¡ô Find an exhaustive analysis of each move and an explanation for the variations to help you understand the concepts that govern almost every chess opening move.
¡ô Discover the main strengths and traps that exist in the opening phase to tempt your chess opponent to play a losing move
¡ô Find an exhaustive list of the main things to do after an opening and the most important general tips for this stage of the game
¡ô … And So Much More!

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What are you waiting for? Learn how to defeat your opponent with foolproof strategies and then take your game to the next level by mastering some of the most powerful chess openings and dominating this crucial game stage.

With 2 books in 1 your game is about to reach a whole new level, so…

Don’t Let This Opportunity Go By; Order Your Copy NOW and Discover ALL the Secrets to Chess Success!