Chase: The Simple Step-by-Step Formula For Making Woman Obsess Over You, The Ultimate Dating Book For Men

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Chase: The Simple Step-by-Step Formula For Making Woman Obsess Over You, The Ultimate Dating Book For Men

English | May 6, 2020 | ISBN: 1716979137 | 241 Pages | EPUB | 0.22 MB

Don’t Be Alone On Valentines Day Ever Again…
I used to be the guy that was alone on Valentines Day but I managed to find the formula to attracting women. Even though everyone says ‘Women Are Complicated!’…they’re really not.
I will show you the formula but you must agree to this one simple condition…
Before I tell you the condition, we need to get a few things straight!
I know who you are. You’re that guy who is socially awkward, who can’t talk to girls without stuttering and you’re probably not the most attractive guy in the world. It feels like all the odds of attracting women are against you.
I’m not saying this to judge you. In fact, I’m not even describing you above. I’m describing me, the old me.
I remember thetimes where I couldn’t keep eye contact with women for more than half a second or hold a conversation. I felt like the biggest loser on earth!
But I wanted my life to change..
So I spent years studying attraction, human behaviour and sociology and applied everything I learnt to my life and I want to share all my knowledge with you.
I’m constantly seeing guys around me fail with women, get rejected, get heartbroken and it hurts. I want to help you so you don’t end up like all the other lonely guys out there. You will become the man women feel attracted to!
Just to keep this short here is exactly what you will discover:

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I will show you my bulletproof way to completely eliminate social awkwardness to become a social god, not just with girls.You will discover exactly how to attract, not just average women but ones that will add meaning to your life.You will unleash your hidden inner confidence when interacting with women. Everyone has confidence but not everyone knows how to unleash it.Help you understand women. Why they say someand do the things they do. And why they are actually smarter than most men think.