In Defence of Objectivity

In Defence of Objectivity

2003 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0415305993 | PDF | 2 M This volume addresses the interlocking themes of realism, objectivity, existentialism and (eco-socialist) politics, based on critical realism. However, it moves beyond the purely scientific orientation of earlier contributions

None of the Above

None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era (New Directions in Latino American Culture)

2007 | 296 Pages | ISBN: 1403962456 | PDF | 2 MB None of the Above is a state-of-the-art volume about current debates regarding Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, both in the United States and on the Island. The title

Dangerous Writing

Dangerous Writing: Understanding the Political Economy of Composition

2009 | 216 Pages | ISBN: 0874217342 | PDF | 1 MB Building on recent work in rhetoric and composition that takes an historical materialist approach, Dangerous Writing outlines a political economic theory of composition. The book connects pedagogical practices

Republican Treason

Republican Treason: Republican Fascism Exposed

2008 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0875866662 | PDF | 2 MB This book is a polemic directed against the Republican Party and the conservative movement, drawing largely on their own published statements. Alleging that the Republican Party is fascist

Time’s River

Time's River: Archaeological Syntheses from the Lower Mississippi Valley (A Dan Josselyn Memorial Publication)

2008 | 672 Pages | ISBN: 0817316140 | PDF | 4 MB This volume stands as a key general resource for archaeologists working in the region extending from Louisiana through Mississippi north to Missouri and Kentucky, and it represents an

In Capra’s Shadow

In Capra's Shadow: The Life and Career of Screenwriter Robert Riskin

2006 | 304 Pages | ISBN: 0813123909 | PDF | 2 MB Because screenwriter Robert Riskin spent most of his career collaborating with legendary Hollywood director Frank Capra, Riskin’s own unique contributions to film have been largely overshadowed. With five

Killer Commodities

Killer Commodities: Public Health and the Corporate Production of Harm

2008 | 438 Pages | ISBN: 0759109788 | PDF | 2 MKiller Commodities addresses the impact of harmful products on consumers throughout the world. These case studies highlight the processes of production and marketing of these products, as well as

Democracy in Transition

Democracy in Transition: Political Participation in the European Union

English | 2012 | 292 Pages | ISBN: 3642300677 | PDF | 2.3 MB ,The papers in this collection, written by a cross-regional group of experts, provide insights into the causes of declining levels of citizen participation and other distinct