Brew it Yourself

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Brew it Yourself: Make your own beer, wine, cider and other concoctions

English | ISBN: 1848992270 | 2019 | 176 Pages | EPUB | 62 MB

A home-brewing how-to guide using shop-bought, home-grown and foraged ingredients

The Two Thirsty Gardeners are leading a home-brewing revolution. Determined to put the fizz back into home-brewing, Richard Hood and Nick Moyle prove that creating your own tasty alcoholic drinks doesn’t need to be complicated and doesn’t need to be costly. From Pear & Ginger Cider and Viking Ale to Raspberry & Thyme Whisky and Limoncello, the 70 recipes in Brew It Yourself will take home brewing to new heights. The craft drinks market is undergoing a huge resurgence, and while other cookbooks might play it safe, the Two Thirsty Gardeners have other ideas. Taking their two great loves – alcohol and gardening – they provide recipe inspiration for people to turn a surplus harvest, a visit to a fruit farm or a delivery from the supermarket into a fantastic variety of drinks. Covering wines, beers and ciders, as well as more fancy infused liquors, sparkling drinks and some true curios, the book outlines the basic approaches to each drink’s method of production, debunking myths, celebrating experimentation and taking the fear out of fermentation. There really is no reason not to brew it yourself.


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