Blockchain Foundations: For the Internet of Value

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Blockchain Foundations: For the Internet of Value

English | September 25th, 2020 | ISBN: 1682261573 | 472 Pages | True EPUB | 13.62 MB

While there aremany books on blockchains, this guide focuses on blockchain applications for business. The target audience is business students, professionals, and managers who want to learn about the overall blockchain landscape – the investments, the size of markets, major players and the global reach – as well as the potential business value of blockchain applications and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve that value. We present use cases and derive action principles for building enterprise blockchain capabilities.

Readers will learn enough about the underlying technologies to speak intelligently to technology experts in the space, as the guide also covers the blockchain protocols, code bases and provides a glossary of terms. We use this guide as the textbook for our undergraduate and graduate Blockchain Fundamentals course at the University of Arkansas. Other professors interested in adopting this guide for instructional purposes are welcome to contact the author for supporting instructional materials.


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