Beans: A Global History

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Beans: A Global History

English | June 12, 2020 | ISBN: 1789142040 | PDF | 128 Pages | 8.9 MB

Beans are considered a basic staple in most kitchen cupboards, yet these unassuming foodstuffs have a very long history: there is evidence that beans have been eaten for 9,000 years. Whether dried, frozen, or canned, beans have substantial nutritional and environmental benefits, and can easily be made into a wholesome, satisfying meal. From garbanzos to lentils, and from favas to soybeans, Beans: A Global History brings to life the rich story of these small yet mighty edibles.

Featuring historic and modern recipes that celebrate the wide variety of bean cuisines, this book speaks to the modern trend for healthy eating, taking readers on a vivid journey through the gastronomical, botanical, cultural, and political history of beans.


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