Avebury Enigmas: The Meaning and Purpose of Avebury Henge Monument and Silbury Hill

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Avebury Enigmas: The Meaning and Purpose of Avebury Henge Monument and Silbury Hill

English | July 13, 2018 | ISBN: 198315055X | 175 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 12 MB

An original and radical interpretation of the two spectacular ancient monuments which are found virtually next door to each other in the Wiltshire countryside. The book suggests that they were the work of not only a very successful Neolithic society but also of an extremely sophisticated one. Important celestial and geometric patterns in the layout of Avebury are revealed and, for the first time ever, the bizarre shape of the outer circle and the strange positioning of the two inner ones begins to make sense. At the same time a solution is offered to the enduring mystery that is Silbury Hill, based simply on its undeniable geometric proportions. The overall result is to indicate that these two nearby monuments, built at different times but probably by the same culture, each had a different but complementary focus. The key conclusions are based very firmly on the surviving evidence and can readily be checked against that. At the same time, in a work of this kind, a certain amount of speculation cannot be avoided but it is always clearly indicated as such and the reader left to make up his/her own mind. There are many photographs and diagrams: the former used to give a vivid impression of both sites, the latter to illustrate and clarify various suggested interpretations. For this reason the e-book will be best enjoyed on a device which supports colour reproduction. The Kindle Previewer indicates that the formatting works very well on the Kindle Fire range of tablets and also on IPad. It does require a reasonably large screen for full appreciation.An earlier version of Part 2 of the book, which forms the last two chapters and is concerned with Silbury Hill, was originally published separately under the same title: ‘In Plain View. The Secret of Silbury Hill.’ This has since been refined and developed.

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