Al-Mutanabbi: voice of the ‘Abbasid poetic ideal

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Al-Mutanabbi: voice of the 'Abbasid poetic ideal

English | 2008 | 157 Pages | ISBN: 1851684069 | PDF | 0.6 MB

This exhaustive and yet enthralling study considers the life and work of al-Mutanabbi (915-965), often regarded as the greatest of the classical Arab poets. A revolutionary at heart and often imprisoned or forced into exile throughout his tumultuous life, al-Mutanabbi wrote both controversial satires and when employed by one of his many patrons, laudatory panegyrics. Employing an ornate style and use of the ode, al-Mutanabbi was one of the first to successfully move away from the traditionally rigid form of Arabic verse, the ‘qasida’.


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