AI and Machine Learning Paradigms for Health Monitoring System

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AI and Machine Learning Paradigms for Health Monitoring System

English | 2021 | ISBN: 9813344113 | 537 Pages | PDF EPUB | 96MB

This book embodies principles and applications of advanced soft computing approaches in engineering, healthcare and allied domains directed toward the researchers aspiring to learn and apply intelligent data analytics techniques. The first part covers AI, machine learning and data analytics tools and techniques and their applications to the class of several hospital and health real-life problems. In the later part, the applications of AI, ML and data analytics shall be covered over the wide variety of applications in hospital, health, engineering and/or applied sciences such as the clinical services, medical image analysis, management support, quality analysis, bioinformatics, device analysis and operations. The book presents knowledge of experts in the form of chapters with the objective to introduce the theme of intelligent data analytics and discusses associated theoretical applications. At last, it presents simulation codes for the problems included in the book for better understanding for beginners.


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