Advances in Cybersecurity Management

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Advances in Cybersecurity Management

English | EPUB | 2021 | 494 Pages | ISBN : 3030713806 | 27.2 MB

This book concentrates on a wide range of advances related to IT cybersecurity management. The topics covered in this book include, among others, management techniques in security, IT risk management, the impact of technologies and techniques on security management, regulatory techniques and issues, surveillance technologies, security policies, security for protocol management, location management, GOS management, resource management, channel management, and mobility management.
The authors also discuss digital contents copyright protection, system security management, network security management, security management in network equipment, storage area networks (SAN) management, information security management, government security policy, web penetration testing, security operations, and vulnerabilities management. The authors introduce the concepts, techniques, methods, approaches and trends needed by cybersecurity management specialists and educators for keeping current their cybersecurity management knowledge. Further, they provide a glimpse of future directions where cybersecurity management techniques, policies, applications, and theories are headed. The book is a rich collection of carefully selected and reviewed manuscripts written by diverse cybersecurity management experts in the listed fields and edited by prominent cybersecurity management researchers and specialists.

Provides a professional development resource for educators and practitioners on the state-of-the-art cybersecurity management materials;
Contributes towards the enhancement of the community outreach and engagement component of cybersecurity management;
Introduces various techniques, methods, and approaches adopted by cybersecurity management experts.

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