Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2021

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Advances in Cryptology - EUROCRYPT 2021

English | PDF | 2021 | 937 Pages | ISBN : 3030778851 | 20.1 MB

The 3-volume-set LNCS 12696 – 12698 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 40th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Eurocrypt2021, which was held in Zagreb, Croatia, during October 17-21, 2021.
The 78 full papers included in these proceedings were accepted from a total of 400 submissions. They were organized in topical sections as follows:

Part I: Best papers; public-key cryptography; isogenies; post-quantum cryptography; lattices; homomorphic encryption; symmetric cryptanalysis;

Part II: Symmetric designs; real-world cryptanalysis; implementation issues; masking and secret-sharing; leakage, faults and tampering; quantum constructions and proofs; multiparty computation;

Part III: Garbled circuits; indistinguishability obfuscation; non-malleable commitments; zero-knowledge proofs; property-preserving hash functions and ORAM; blockchain; privacy and law enforcement.


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