Advanced Information Networking and Applications

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Advanced Information Networking and Applications

English | PDF | 2020 | 1535 Pages | ISBN : 3030440400 | 122.04 MB

This proceedings book covers the theory, design and applications of computer networks, distributed computing and information systems. Today’s networks are evolving rapidly, and there are several developing areas and applications. These include heterogeneous networking supported by recent technological advances in power wireless communications, along with silicon integration of various functionalities such as sensing, communications, intelligence and actuations, which is emerging as a critically important disruptive computer class based on a new platform, networking structure and interface that enables novel, low-cost and high-volume applications.
However, implemeting these applications has sometimes been difficult due to interconnection problems. As such, different networks need to collaborate, and wired and next-generation wireless systems need to be integrated in order to develop high-performance computing solutions to address the problems arising from these networks’ complexities.
This ebook presents the latest research findings, as well as theoretical and practical perspectives on the innovative methods and development techniques related to the emerging areas of information networking and applications


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