A Runner’s High: Older, Wiser, Slower, Stronger

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A Runner's High: Older, Wiser, Slower, Stronger

English | ISBN: 1838953817 | 256 Pages | EPUB | 1 July 2021 | 7.19 MB

Dean Karnazes has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits, from running in the shoe-melting heat of Death Valley to the lung-freezing cold of the South Pole. He’s raced and competed across the globe and once ran 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days.

In A Runner’s High, Karnazes chronicles his return to the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in his mid-fifties after first completing the race decades ago. The Western States, infamous for its rugged terrain and extreme temperatures, becomes the most demanding competition of his life, a physical and emotional reckoning and a battle to stay true to one’s purpose. Confronting his age, wearying body, career path and life choices, we see Karnazes as we never have before, raw and exposed. A Runner’s High is both an endorphin-fuelled page-turner and a love letter to the sport from one of its most celebrated ambassadors



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