A History Of Secret Societies

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A History Of Secret Societies

English | July 21, 2015 | ISBN: 0806508574 | EPUB | 260 Pages | 4 MB

Secret societies exist all over the world. Almost anyone you meet may be a member of one.

To gather firsthand information on these exotic cults, Arkon Daraul traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. He attended ceremonies of clandestine organizations in major cities and respectable suburbs, and studied the archives of major academic institutions.

After much painstaking work, the author put together this classic collection of esoteric practices. Here are details, never before revealed, regarding the signs, passwords, rituals, and beliefs of several different major secret societies, whose influence in our world should not be underestimated:

-The Latter Days of the Assassins
-The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar
-The Secret Rites of Mithra
-The Castrators of Russia
-False Cults and Societies
-The Secrets of the Witches
-The Cult of the Black Mother
-The Rosicrucians
-Tongs of Terror



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