30 + Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food and Treats: Biscuits, Raw & Other Natural Meals from Scratch

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30 + Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food and Treats: Biscuits, Raw & Other Natural Meals from Scratch

English | 2021 | ASIN: B094TYGZQG | 99 Pages | EPUB | 1.6 MB

I can’t really remember a time when there wasn’t a dog in my life in some way. Before I had my own dogs or puppies, I had plenty of friends and family members who did.

ïCommercial dog food has fillers, junk byproducts, and unsafe food¡ï

I was a young adult when I started noticing the many recalls on dog food. I felt as though too many dogs and animals, in general, were suffering and dying because of the food “we” as owners fed them on a regular basis.

Honestly, I’ve been an animal lover since I can remember. I was one of those kids in the 80s and 90s asking for the Wildlife Treasure Box. Animals are animals, and we have to understand them and their ways to care for them properly. At least, in my opinion, anyway.

Feed your dog the best way you know how – with the food you eat.

Long story short, all the recalls and issues led me to want to feed all of my animals the diet they deserve. One that keeps them healthy because, after all, it was the humans that domesticated them, and so we should also be the ones who care for them in the closest way. There should be an air of freedom and food that resonates with their cravings and nutritional needs.

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Homemade dog food is healthier.

Making homemade dog food can take some of your time, and it does cost money, but in the end, I feel as though it’s completely worth it. Knowing what your dog is truly eating on a regular basis can help you if anything were to ever happen. When a dog gets sick and is only eating kibble or store-bought food, there’s no real way to know what is truly in it that might be causing a problem.

Save money with homemade dog food.

My book will teach you all about how to cook (or create) food that your dog will thrive on at home. I will show you everything I know about feeding a puppy or dog with food that you would eat.

You will learn about these topics in this list, but feel free to check out the preview’s Table of Contents before you hit “Buy Now” to make sure you know the value you’re getting in my book.

My book contains over 30 unique homemade dog food recipes!

Why Prepare Food for Dogs?
Drawbacks to Homemade Dog Food
Advantages to Making Your Dog’s Food
Packaged Food Disadvantages
Benefits of Natural or Organic Food
Dog Nutrition 101: Components of a Healthy Canine Diet
What Dogs Can’t Eat (The NOPE List)
The Limited Amounts List (The Occasional, if at all, List)
Common Dog Food Allergies
Dog-Friendly Foods
Dog-Friendly Herbs
Types of Diets
All About Dog Biscuits, including Recipes
Whole-grain Flours & Their Benefits
Basic Dog Food Recipes
Ground Meat Recipes
Raw Dog Food Recipes
Dehydrated Meat or Jerky Recipes
Dog Food Recipes For Weight Gain
Dog Food Recipes For Weight-Loss
Special Occasion Recipes, including “Pupcakes”
Recipes for Senior Dogs
How to Store Homemade Dog Food
Making Canned Dog Food
Slow Cooking & Instant Pots Advice
Money-Saving Tips & Tricks
All this and much more! So if you’re ready to set your pampered pooch on the road to health, this book is your first step.

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