100 DIY Survival Hacks: 100 Easy Lifesaving Survival Hacks Using Normal Everyday Items From The House

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100 DIY Survival Hacks: 100 Easy Lifesaving Survival Hacks Using Normal Everyday Items From The House

English | July 11, 2017 | ISBN: 1521811814 | 46 Pages | EPUB | 0.14 MB

What you are about to read is one of the most comprehensive and yet easy to read DIY survival guides that will present you with one hundred different hacks on how to take random prominent household items and reapply those items into extraordinarily simple and yet lifesaving survival uses. Are you getting ready for your next outdoor adventure, but feel you lack the necessary skills to survive should anything unexpectedly go wrong? Are you concerned that a major disaster, such as an EMP attack or an economic collapse, is imminent and you feel you need to begin taking steps to prepare for it? Do you go hunting, hiking, kayaking, or camping regularly but believe that you could still expand your knowledge about survival and improve your skills? Or do you simply want to become more resourceful and learn some handy DIY hacks that could potentially save your life or the life of a loved one in the future? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is definitely for you. My name is Ronald Williams. I’m an outdoorsman, survivalist, traveler, and writer. I am writing this book to present you with one hundred of the easiest and yet most effective DIY survival hacks in existence, and I’m going to present them in the most easy-to-understand way possible. Regardless of whether you have never gone on a serious outdoor adventure before or if you are already a seasoned outdoors person with lots of experience, thisguide will prove to be very valuable to you. Read this book, and you will find renewed value in simple items that you had previously taken for granted. You will learn how to start campfires using untraditional methods, turn a drinking straw into a torch, navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a paper clip, build unconventional yet deadly defensive weapons with unexpected resources, use duct tape to protect your feet from frostbite in the winter, purify water with a coffee filter, and much more. For each hack, I will teach you detailed instructions on how to use the hack and how it can save your life in a life threatening situation. After reading this manual, you will: – Become infinitely more resourceful in life – Be able to improvise with random items you happen to have with you to get you out of harrowing situations – Be safe, cool, and confident while exploring the wilderness or finding yourself in the middle of an emergency scenario that strikes at home – Become more adaptable to unforgiving environments Some of the hacks in this book you may already know, but others you probably do not. Some of them you will definitely use, and others you may never will. Nonetheless, you’ll never know which of the 100 hacks in this book you know and which ones you don’t or which you will use and which you likely never will unless if you begin reading, so turn the page and we’ll get started!

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